Welcome to Norfolk Area Recruiters

Norfolk Area Recruiters is a group that was setup to attract graduates from the Norfolk area to return to the communities that raised them. The Norfolk area is experiencing a surge in new business and job opportunities, and who better to take advantage of those opportunities than those with ties to the area.

Norfolk Area Recruiters specializes in bringing alumni back to the Northeast Nebraska area. Our passion is to keep our communities thriving with home-town natives by finding careers and filling them with our very own that want to come back to the community they call home. Norfolk is a thriving community in Northeast Nebraska with a population around 25,000. Employment opportunities abound and average salaries rival those of larger cities in the area such as Omaha, Lincoln, and Sioux Falls while cost of living remains significantly less.

Check out the information on the site and we encourage you to consider the Norfolk Area as the ideal location for your next job!

-The Norfolk Area Recruiters

NAR Mission

  1. Bring past graduates and their families home to work and live in Northeast Nebraska.
  2. Offer jobs to people interested in returning home to their roots and to people already living here.
  3. Educate people on the low cost of living, area events, things to do, and benefits of small town living.

NAR News

To bring talented young professionals back to Northeast Nebraska